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  • Donald Trump Shines a Spotlight on Domestic Manufacturing

    Posted on January 5th, 2017 Michael No comments

    What is the job of the President? I am not asking about the things the President has to do, but the things the President traditionally does. I ask this because the news media often says that the President traditionally does not do whatever Donald Trump just did. We might not all be in agreement on whether what he did was good or bad, that is except for his stance on domestic manufacturing.

    Traditionally, the President works at the macro level and does not get involved in granular issues on a company level. Not Donald Trump. He has shown that he is willing to go after individual companies to achieve his goal of keeping/creating domestic manufacturing jobs. Donald Trump has already had an impact on domestic manufacturing with a couple of high-profile successes.

    Compared to the overall economy, the public successes are just a drop in the bucket, but those successes are significant. Those successes are significant, not only the people keeping or getting those jobs, in raising awareness of the importance of buying products made in the United States.
    This site, like many others, work to increase awareness of the importance of buying products made in the United States. I would argue that in a few short months, Donald Trump has expanded the awareness of this issue tenfold. The effect of this is already being seen as companies scrap plans to move manufacturing out of the United States.

    As a businessman, Donald Trump has either manufactured, or purchased materials manufactured, outside the United States. As a businessman, he had to decide which of manufacturing domestically or a lower price would help his business more. Unfortunately, too many people just do not care where the things that they buy are made.

    As I mentioned before, I feel that Donald Trump has greatly raised awareness of the importance of buying domestically manufactured goods. Unfortunately, the public has a short memory on issues like this. Donald Trump needs to continue his efforts in this area. If doing this means that Donald Trump will take credit for virtually all new manufacturing jobs from now until many years after he leaves office. Personally, I do not care because for every real success made public there will be numerous hidden successes he should get credit for.

    This is why proudly endorses Donald Trump in his efforts to expand manufacturing in the United States. As a businessman who has firsthand experience with the business drivers that push manufacturers to make their products elsewhere, Donald Trump can work to change those drivers to keep manufacturers here. We are also confident that Donald Trump, and his administration, will work in a way that will be least disruptive to the global economy while it strengthens our domestic economy. Our only request of Donald Trump is that he keeps this message alive even after he leaves office.

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